Is Omah Lay “What Have We Done” An Upgrade To “Get Layd”

Singer Omah Lay debuts his latest EP “What Have We Done” after just right months from which he debuts his first project “Get Layd”.

On November 20 the prolific singer unleashed his new body of work EP to his fans which is like an upgrade to his last work.

Omah Lay new project is released under his new record label Warner Music Group and Keyqaad.

“Get Layd” produced three hottest tracks which is still making wave and trending in all music charts despite being a five track project.

Omah Lay is still young and it obvious the reason for “What Have We Done” is to keep his fans engaged until he drop his album.

Is Omah Lay New EP “What Have We Done” An Upgrade Of “Get Layd”?

Well might be because it was expected of him to Drop album next but instead we getting another EP.

The new project have got some good tracks in it which also has a bonus song “Damn” which featured 6LAck.

“What Have We Done” consist of 4 tracks which includes:

  • My Bebe
  • Can’t Relate
  • Godly 
  • Confession 

With this new work out, it is clear that Omah Lay will definitely be one of those music acts to enjoy the festive period.

Although more body of work projects is expected to drop before the year ends with the likes of “MIL” and “ABT” still the biggest.

It is indeed a brilliant idea from the singer and his team to come up with an idea like this giving how 2020 has gone so far with Covid-19 pandemic.

And with Wizkid and Davido albums already out, it is obvious every other project will take a back seat until 2021.

What Have We Done.’ Topically, the EP is an upgrade from Omah Lay’s ‘Get Layd’ which just keeps getting better.

EP Tracks Review:

‘My Bebe’ which is the first tracks, is a Reggae-Fusion record that’s scarily reminiscent of Jamaican sound.

The track Confession sounds like a kinda beat made for rappers and Omah killed it like it was nothing.

Godly is another song which have same reggae flow angle with Tempoe’s switch of the percussion around the hook.

Notible lines like “Man I thank God I Godly, say God nor ungodly, Oluwa nai comfort me when these people dey come bother me…

This is why I jaiye sometimes, with a little Henny and ice, make I fit cool my mind, I just wan live this life…”

That “Kanji Dam’ line is also really wild.

Trust me guys this new EP is something you need to get layd on Lol!.

Overall ratings Gives “What Have We Done” a rating of 8/10 which is massive and we wait to see how it goes.

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