Is “So Crazy” By Davido Ft Lil Baby A Bang Or Thrash?

Following the official release of Davido’s new album “A Better Time” the singer drop single dubbed “So Crazy” in which he featured American rapper, Lil Baby.

The new single was accompanied by a music video that we are reviewing as we ask you “So Crazy” By Davido Ft Lil Baby A Bang Or Thrash?.

The number 13th track is the second to be officially released after the success of “FEM” which is still a hit and trending.

The song is another masterclass from Davido which is produced by Nick Papz and Xander.

The song see Davido talking about a lady who he has been calling to have a good time but she refuses to pick.

Which he said in the lyrics: I don dey call you for a week (You nor dey pick girl, yeah) So crazy…

Lil Baby just adds another flow to the track which makes it sell to the American Hip-hop market.

So let’s dive in and talk more about this new single which has been banging on our speakers since it was released.

We are still yet to fully see what Davido have installed for us as the full tracklist are not fully revealed but we know it going to be fire.

So Crazy is not just regular track you hear from Davido as he made sure he featured one of the best in the game Lil Baby.

OBO Said: “I’ve known Lil Baby for quite a while, and I think it’s important that I point this out.

When you are collaborating on a record, you need to make sure that the relationship is good outside of music,”

Davido mentioned in an announcement. “I feel like that is when you make the best music.”

“So Crazy” is definitely one banger from the many we be dancing to come November 13th, as this single is dope and an upgrade to “Risky”.

Song Full Review

Production: production wise the arrangement and the whole song is 100 percent what is expected.

So we will give it a rating of 8/10 as it still a new song which we need to listen more.

Lyrics: Lyrically this lines are madt but was expecting Lil Baby to drop some Rap bars which he is known for Instead of just singing too.

Davido did well as we all can fully related to the words he used unlike some of his songs which we can just can’t understands why he said something like that.

We give this a rating of 7/10 as it was expected that Lil Baby should rap not sing because he is a good rapper regardless of the best.

Quality: Wow! the quality of this song is just amazing and top class which we just have to commend Nick Papz and Xander who produced the song.

So for us this is 10/10.

Sound: The sound is off top notch which we can feel that Naija vibe mixed with the Hip-Hop we know which is a perfect blend.

So far the music video on YouTube already have 4.9 Million views so far of it release which is expected to hit 5 Million soon.

This song is just another upgrade from Davido which is set to trend till the day the album will be released.

So guys we love to hear from you what do you think about the song? Drop your comments below.

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